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Digital TV systems                   CCTV installations                   Wi-Fi & Data networking                   Domestic Electrical Installations

Your Reliable Expert.

See to it that your TV picture or installation related needs are addressed promptly and professionally. Work with Aardvark Installations LTD today! Aardvark Installations LTD are among the most trusted companies in England when it comes to TV aerial and satellite installations, CCTV installations and Data networking solutions.  I, Gwilym Davies am the Director of Aardvark Installations and perform all installations myself.  I am a certified C.A.I. member (Confederation of Aerial Industries & Association for Audio Visual Professionals) membership number C1981. 

Furthermore, Aardvark Installations LTD is NOT a franchise of any kind or a nationwide company employing lots of staff all over the country.  

I believe that staying as the sole point of contact for the business keeps me in touch and up to date with customers requirements unlike companies that employ numerous staff and work off commission.  

I answer all calls, do every installation myself, maintain advertising including building this website (so please forgive me if the website looks a little amateur in places) but by doing things personally this way I feel I have a better relationship with my customers.  

Always Ready to Serve You

Ensure that you get industry-leading customer service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Digital TV Aerial and Satellite Installations 

  • TV aerials and satellite dishes installed
  • New TV points in other rooms
  • Discreet loft aerials installed where possible
  • Freeview, BT TV, You-View, and Talk-Talk
  • CCTV installations for home or business
  • WiFi for commercial applications (workplace, hotels, bed & breakfasts)
  • IRS systems for hotels or flats
  • TV’s wall mounted & cabling hidden
  • On-Demand TV services setup
  • Broadband, Wi-Fi and data networking solutions
  • Power sockets & domestic electrical installations
  • A non-nationwide company for a personal one-on-one customer experience

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