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With the cost of CCTV systems reducing quite dramatically over recent years, a camera system for the home and small business has now become a viable security add-on for the majority of people. Current estimates suggest that as many as 5% of households now employ some form of CCTV, be it a simple single camera that views callers at the entrance door or a full-blown system which can monitor and record anything that takes place within the curtilage of the dwelling. Business ownership of CCTV is, of course, considerably higher.

Domestic uses include:

  • Deterring people from committing offences both inside and outside the home
  • Gathering evidence of criminal activity, should crime occur
  • Providing an image of a caller at the door before it is answered
  • Watching over vehicles parked to the front or side of the home
  • Enabling remote observation of the family home (inside and out) when the occupants are at work or away on holiday
  • Checking to see if deliveries were made
  • Remotely checking to see if employed persons, such as cleaners and builders turned up for work and left at the appropriate times
  • Remotely checking on children or other family members when the householder is out for the evening
  • Checking the grounds of the home from the comfort of the armchair
  • Checking on children’s bedrooms after bedtime

For CCTV we use these trusted high quality brands: