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Freesat offers consumers free television through a satellite dish instead of a regular antennae. This is sometimes useful in very poor terrestrial signal areas such as valleys. Offering over 200 TV and radio channels it offers all of the regular channels like BBC, ITV, channel 4 and 5 plus a large choice of other channels, a full list of Freesat channels is available at Some of our clients have used Freesat so they can pick up non local news, for example if they live in Gloucestershire but have family in Scotland they can keep up to date with Scottish news through Freesat, or Welsh speaking channels like S4C. It is totally free once installed (installation costs apply) so there are no monthly bills.

A possible downside to Freesat is that each TV needs to be accompanied by a Freesat digi-box (unless you have a Freesat enabled TV, NOT to be confused with Freeview) so extra cost and space and remote controls to think about here.

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